Online Mindful Leadership Development

Flexible, affordable and evidence based learning made easy for busy Leaders & organisations.

Management Mindfulness specialises in Leadership development through mindfulness, positive psychology and modern management philosophy to help organisations thrive, putting human's first.

We offer our flagship online Mindful Leadership Development Program, short courses, live webinar workshops, and tailored organisational solutions to help you build organisations and Leaders who prioritise a 'we-first' team mentality through raising self-awareness, empathy and mindful behaviours at work.

All of our programs and workshops use EVIDENCE based techniques in the fields of mindfulness and organisational psychology to deliver concise strategies and knowledge that Leaders are able to implement into their Leadership right away to begin making positive change.

Work with Us

Management Mindfulness can support your business development using Mindfulness & Organisational Psychology in a number of ways. We specialise in concise, practical and evidence based solutions to bring positive change to your Leadership and organisation.

  • Online 8 week Mindful Leadership Development Program perfect for individual Leaders & organisational groups

  • Online short-courses designed to upskill Leaders and Team's in specific areas using mindfulness such as communication, resilience and self-awareness.

  • Tailored organisational solutions to meet your individual team needs. Combine any of the short courses we offer and add one-to-one consultancy for the best organisational outcomes.

Why use Mindfulness in Leadership Development?

It has individual and organisational wide benefits.

Mindfulness by definition calls us into a present state of being, when we do this we become calmer, more flexible, adaptable and approachable. Becoming a Mindful leader deepens our self awareness to our current state of being, behaviour patterns and weaknesses, but it will also highlight our strengths, future vision and enables us to cultivate empathy towards ourselves and others.

Benefits to the Individual:

  • Become more present.
  • Develops understanding.
  • Cultivates flexible thinking and a growth mindset.
  • Helps us manage stress, triggers and anxiety in the workplace.
  • Brings calm and clarity, making us better under pressure.
  • Makes us less reactive and more approachable.

Benefits to business & teams:

  • Heightened collaboration.
  • Increased creativity and curiosity which drives innovation.
  • Creates a culture of empathy and compassion.
  • Develops healthy communication where everyone feels seen, valued and heard.
  • Increases problem solving capability.
  • Fosters connection and engagement.

Management Mindfulness Founder and Director, Alexis, is proudly recognised by the International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance as a member.